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Free AutoCAD Block Downloads

We loved collecting and making these AutoCAD blocks, and you will love them too. Please enjoy this free download service and we trust it will be a big help in your job. In regards to the software version; all the .DWG drawing files have be created or updated with AutoCAD 2006.

Can't find the AutoCAD block you want?

If you cannot find the AutoCAD details you need try: There are many drafters freelancing on this website and they can draw whatever you want at a reasonable price. This website works really well - we like it - and we believe you will too.


We provide this website as is, and with all faults. By downloading these files you do agree CadCorner disclaims any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular use. And CadCorner does not warrant that the use of these files will be to the users specifications or error free. The end user shall take responsibility to edit the files to their local standards. Use all information at your own risk.

E-book: AutoCAD Block Best Practices

We draw repetitively when using AutoCAD. If we manage the drawing elements as reusable contents, it will increase our productivity significantly. Not only can we draw faster, we can add information to our blocks. Which allows us to generate useful reports. This is what Edwins e-book entitled AutoCAD Block Best Practices is all about. Yes, increase your productivity with the block!

Structural Steel Blocks for Download

Drawing Name Description
Angles 1x1xd125 to 2x2xd375.dwg L1"x1"x0.125 to L2"x2"x0.375.
Angles 2d5x2xd1875 to 3x2xd375.dwg L2.5"x2"x0.1875" to L3"x2"x0.375.
Angles 3d5x3d5xd375 to 4x3d5xd4375.dwg L3.5"x3.5"x0.375" to L4"x3.5"x0.4375".
Angles 3x2xd4375 to 3x3xd4375.dwg L3"x2"x0.4375" to L3"x3"x0.4375".
Angles 3x3xd5 to 3d5x3d5xd3125.dwg L3"x3"x0.5" to L3.5"x3.5"x0.3125".
Angles 4x3d5xd5 to 5x3xd4375.dwg L4"x3.5"x0.5" to L5"x3"x0.4375".
Angles 5x3xd5 to 5x5xd5.dwg L5"x3"x0.5" to L5"x5"x0.5".
Angles 5x5xd625 to 6x4xd75.dwg L5"x5"x0.625" to L6"x4"x0.75".
Angles 6x4xd875 to 7x4xd625.dwg L6"x4"x0.875" to L7"x4"x0.75".
Angles 7x4xd75 to 8x8xd5.dwg L7"x4"x0.75" to L8"x8"x0.5".
Angles 8x8xd5625 to 9x4xd625.dwg L8"x8"x0.5635" to L9"x4"x0.625".
Channels 3x4d1 to 6x15d3.dwg C3x4.1 to C6x15.3.
Channels 6x16d3 to 8x20.dwg C6x16.3 to C8x20.
Channels 8x21d4 to 9x25d4.dwg C8x21.4 to C9x25.4.
Channels 10x6d5 to 10x28d5.dwg C10x6.5 to C10x28.5.
Channels 10x30 to 12x30.dwg C10x30 to 12x30.
Channels 12x31 to 13x35.dwg C12x31 to C13x35.
Channels 13x40 to 18x58.dwg C13x40 to C18x58.
HP-Shapes 8x36 to 13x60.dwg HP8x36 to HP13x60.
HP-Shapes 13x73 to 14x117.dwg HP13x73 to HP14x117
M-Shapes.dwg M Shapes.
S-Shapes 3x5d7 to 6x17d25.dwg S3x5.7 to S6x17.25
S-Shapes 7x15d3 to 12x35.dwg S7x15.3 to S12x35.
S-Shapes 12x40d8 to 20x75.dwg S12x40.8 to S20x75.
S-Shapes 20x86 to 24x121.dwg S20x86 to S24x121.
W-Shapes 4x13 to 8x48.dwg W4x13 to W8x48.
W-Shapes 8x58 to 10x112.dwg W8x58 to W10x112.
W-Shapes 12x14 to 12x136.dwg W12x14 to W12x136.
W-Shapes 12x152 to 14x74.dwg W12x152 to W14x74.
W-Shapes 14x82 to 14x455.dwg W14x82 to W14x455.
W-Shapes 14x500 to 18x50.dwg W14x500 to W18x50.
W-Shapes 18x55 to 21x44.dwg W18x55 to W21x44.
W-Shapes 21x50 to 21x333.dwg W21x50 to W21x333.
W-Shapes 21x364 to 24x162.dwg W21x364 to W24x162.
W-Shapes 24x176 to 27x94.dwg W24x176 to W27x94.
W-Shapes 27x102 to 27x368.dwg W27x102 to W27x368.
W-Shapes 27x407 to 30x211.dwg W27x407 to W30x211.
W-Shapes 30x235 to 33x152.dwg W30x235 to W33x152.
W-Shapes 33x169 to 33x619.dwg W33x169 to W33x619.
W-Shapes 36x135 to 36x300.dwg W36x135 to W36x300.
W-Shapes 36x328 to 40x183.dwg W36x328 to W40x183.
W-Shapes 40x192 to 40x328.dwg W40x192 to W40x328.
W-Shapes 40x362 to 44x285.dwg W40x362 to W44x285.

By Allan and Mike

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